Av Proyectos 73 Barozzi Veiga
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Av Proyectos 73 Barozzi Veiga



Dossier Barozzi Veiga, Six Projects

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts, Chur (Switzerland)
Music School, Brunico (Italy)
Dance School, Zürich (Switzerland)
House in Cretas, Teruel (Spain)
Natural History Museum and State Archives, Basel (Switzerland)

Europan 13, Spanish Winners

'In Motion', Barcelona (Spain)
'Nice to Sea you', A Coruña (Spain)
'Salvemos el horizonte', Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
'Wild Synapse', Espoo (Finland)
'Forest for Rest', Feldafing (Germany)
'La Ville Intermédiaire', Geneva (Switzerland)
'Colonization of the City Center', Gera (Germany)
'Waldstrasse', Ingolstadt (Germany)
'Weee Marl!', Marl (Germany)
'Osurbia: Redefining Suburbia', Os (Norway)
'Urban Toolkit', Selb (Germany)
'FORUS LABing', Stavanger (Norway)
'River Gate', Warsaw (Poland)
'Swap on the River', Zagreb (Croatia)

Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, in Detail
Jean Nouvel
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Hong Hao, My Things
Scanning Everyday Objects

David LaChapelle, Land Scape
Refineries and Gas Stations

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